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The INTERNATIONAL GOLDEN RISHI Qi Gong & Tai Chi training method stems from nature, and it is a natural method for promoting health by eliminating the sources of disease based on the Five Elements of the Physical Universe and through inhalation of nature’s good and pure energy. Therefore, it is not harmful to the body and is long-lasting. The training of The Five Elements Principle generates energy within the body to fundamentally rejuvenate and strengthen it as well the body’s immune system.

– Constipation, Obesity, Stroke
-Neuralgia, Arthritis, Back pain, Age-related Joint Stiffness
– Neurosis, Headache, and Tinnitus
– Various Female Disorders
– Liver Disease
– Heart Disease
– Gastric & Stomach Diseases
– Pulmonary Diseases
– Kidney Disease
– Renal Diseases

5 Step Training

Training with INTERNATIONAL GOLDEN RISHI Qi Gong & Tai Chi focuses on Qi Gong (Breathing & Movement Exercises) and is divided into five steps.  The September San Diego workshop will cover aspects of steps 1-3:

1. Training the body to absorb the energies of nature.
2. Building the energy of fire.
3. Controlling energy to achieve completeness.

Completing Steps 4 & 5 may be available, determined by the participant’s temperament, zeal, experience, and other personal factors such as work, family, and the surrounding environment. Steps 4 & 5 are an extremely advanced level, offered only to instructors with approval from the facilitator.

Golden Rishi Training pertaining to the Respiratory System


1. Meditation
Upper Dantian Breathing
Middle Dantian Breathing
Lower Dantian Breathing
Meditation Breathing Training

2. Qi Gong
Golden Rishi Circulation Qi Gong
Vital Organ Qi Gong

3. Stretching & Relaxation
Golden Rishi Stretching
Natural Breathing
Inner Energy – moving as the universe operates

Qigong Teachers and Therapists In San Diego

Microcosmic Orbit
Five Element Of Body


101. YIN SUN BUB:인선법, Sitting Techniques

Yin Sun Bub teaches is the first stepping stone to the practice that leads to reaching the Sun of the immortal level. There are twelve techniques, all are basic skills.

  1. Reverse the Mind to Return to Self. (수심정좌:收心靜坐)
  2. Regulate the Posture. (조신:調身)
  3. Not Seeing, and Not Listening. (무시무청:無視無聽)
  4. Returning Vision and Hearing within the Body. (수시반청:收視返聽)
  5. Regulating Human Breathing. (조범식:調凡息)
  6. Calming and Strengthening the Mind in a Three-Step Technique. (안신삼보공:安神三步功)
  7. Regulating True Breathing. (조진식:調眞息)
  8. Practicing the Prevention of Escaping Energy. (수무루:修無漏)
  9. Watching and Listening Inside. (내시반청:內視返聽)
  10. Concentrate, Brighten and Still the Body. (응신적조:凝神寂照)
  11. Listening and Following your Breathing. (청식수식:聽息隨息)
  12. Caring for the Skin while Taking an Invisible Shower. (양신목욕:養身沐浴)

201. NINE EXERCISES (구법:九法)

  1. JI NENG GONG (지능공, 智能功, Mind Training)

Ji indicates intelligence, Neng indicates power and Gong indicates capacity.
Ji Neng Bub training is to train the mind mentally. It required discipline and if there is an instance of mental illness.

  1. FIRST LEVEL (소승삼단:小承三段)
  • Reverting to the state of infancy. (회영억망:回嬰億望)
  • Clarity true of false. (진가분명:眞假分明)
  • Skin of spirit and Ji of clear intelligence. (신지청청:神志淸淸)


  1. SECOND LEVEL (중승삼단:中承三段)
  • Knowing my future. (지아전정:知我前程)
  • Surviving with fasting. (정식구생:停食求生)
  • Dress in new clothes. (종환신의:從換新衣)


  1. THIRD LEVEL (대승삼단:大承三段)
  • Understanding the secret code of nature. (간파천기:看破天機)
  • Encircling the world and universe. (회환주세:回環宙世)
  • Watching and stepping onto the moon. (등월망행:登月望行)

301. SAM SUN GONG (삼선공:三仙功)

Sam Sun Gong has three levels of practice, leading to immortality. ‘Sam’ indicates three. ‘Sun’ indicates immortality. ‘Gong’ indicates capacity and power.

A. INN SUN GONG소승인선공(小乘人仙功): health, anti-aging and enjoyment


‘Inn’ indicates humanity, ‘Seon’ indicates immortality, and ‘Gong’ indicates capacity and power.

  1. Matching Yin and Yang (필배음양: 匹配陰陽)
  • Yin Yang exchange: Yang fetus and Yin breathing. (음양교환:陰陽交換-양태음식:陽胎陰息)
  • Yin Yang match: True fetal breathing. (음양필배:陰陽匹配-진태식:眞胎息)
  • Yin Yang back into source: Matching Gam (water) and Li (fire). (음양귀위:陰陽歸位-배감리:配坎離)
  1. Gathering and vaporizing water and fire (취산수화: 取散水火)
  • Original infinite Tai Yi embraces true Qi. (태을함진기: 太乙含眞基)
  • Refining the body at the first level. (소연형:小煉形)
  • Heavenly child and Heavenly elder. (천동천로:天童天老)
  1. Dragon and Tiger interaction (교구용호: 交媾龍虎)
  • Collecting and strengthening the Jing and Qi back to the Dan (golden pill). (채보환단:采補還丹)
  • Caring for Xian (immortal) fetus. (양태선:養胎仙)
  • Water and fire harmonize. (수화기제:水火旣濟)
  • True husband and wife meet. (진부처상견:眞夫妻相見)
  • Qi connected without shape. (기교형불교: 气交形不交)
  1. Cooking Dan and Medicine (소련단약:燒煉丹藥)
  • Optimal fire temperature. (화후:火候)
  • Microcosmic orbit. (소주천:小周天)
  • Zu Cheon optimal fire temperature. (주천화후:周天火候)
  • Gathering the Spirit and nourishing the Qi. (취신양기:聚神養气)
  • Gathering Qi and nourishing the Spirit. (취기양신:聚气養神)
  • Refining the Yang and nourishing the Spirit. (연양양신: 煉陽養神)



B. JI SUN GONG (지선공:地仙功): refine life and avoid death

중승장생불사법삼문 (中承長生不死法三門)
‘Ji’ indicates earth. Ji Seon Gong is the practice of changing into earth immortal level.

  1. Behind the elbows the golden crystal flies through Microcosmic orbit circulation (주후비금정:肘後飛金晶)
  • The Jung of body essence flows up to nourish the brain. (환정보뇌:還精補腦)
  • Starting the He Che, a vehicle flowing in the river. (기하거:起河車)
  • Connecting the Dragon and Tiger. (교용호:交龍虎)
  • Drawing up lead and adding mercury. (추연첨홍:抽鉛添汞)
  • Returning to the state of a child. (반로환동:反老還童)
  1. Jade Fluid returns to the Dan (옥액환단:玉液還丹)
  • Jade Fluid refining Body Fu (symbol has substance). (옥액연형부:玉液煉形符)
  • Bath the immortal fetus. (목욕태선:沐浴胎仙)
  • Small return path to the Dan. (소환단:小還丹)
  • Great return path to the Dan. (대환단:大還丹)
  • Returning to the Dan seven times. (칠반단:七返丹)
  • Nine circles to the Dan. (구전단:九轉丹)
  1. Jing (golden) Fluid returning to the Dan (금액환단:金液還丹)
  • Jin Fluid practicing body Fu (symbol has substance). (금액연형부:金液煉形符)
  • Starting fire to refine the action of burning the body. (기화분신:起火焚身)
  • Golden Flower Jade nectar. (금화옥로:金花玉露)
  • Grand Harmony. (대기제:大旣濟)
  • Yellow and White Technique. (황백법:黃白法)


C. CHUN SUN GONG (천선공:天仙功): Heaven level


Chun indicates sky or Heaven. Chun is a person on the mountain who is practicing to attain the immortal level.

  1. Pilgrimage to the Source (Yuan) and refining the Qi (조원연기:朝元煉气)
  • Beyond the Upper Dantian in the brain. (초내원:超內院)
  • Refining the Qi into Shape. (연기성형: 煉气成形)
  • Purple Kum Dan. (자금단:紫金丹)
  • Firing Yang to the Spirit. (연양신: 煉陽神)
  • Gathering three flowers at the crown of the head. (정취삼화:頂聚三花)
  1. Seeing Internal Exchange (내관교환:內觀交換)
  • Gathering Yang the Spirit. (집양신:集陽神)
  • Connecting Heavenly Fire. (마천화:摩天火)
  • Exchanging Xian (immortal) and Mortal Form. (교환선범:交換仙凡)
  • Human and Heavenly Realm. (인간천상화서국:人間天上華胥國)
  1. High form leaves the human body and changes into a different Shape (초탈분형:初脫分形)
  • Moving in and out to different shapes. (출입분형:出入分形)
  • Shin Xian (immortal spirit) sheds previous mortal body. (신선탈질:神仙脫質)
  • Mortal moves into immortal realm. (초범입성:超凡入聖)

401.TAI YUL KUM HWA ZHONG ZHI (태을금화종지:太乙金華宗旨)

Tai Yul Kum Hwa Zhong Zhi is the practice for Ling of the soul.

Tai Yul indicates original infinity; Jin Hwa indicates bright golden light. Zhong Zhi indicates the vital order of the universe.

  1. Li of strength opens Heaven’s eye and brightens Heart, seeing Xing of original self.
  • Yi transforms Shin and Gwang (light).
  • Li of strength opens Heaven’s eye.
  • Kan of water and Li of fire connect.
  • Three lights automatically gather together.


  1. Setting the Shin in the ancestral orifice of An Shin Zu Qiao, moving the light and concentrating the Ling of Soul.
  • Returning the light and concentrating Ling.
  • Circling and moving the sun and moon.
  • Sun and moon together.
  • Ling gathering Xuan Qiao (orifice) of entering emptiness, one finds substance.
  1. Concentrate the Shin into the Qi point; invisible shower of optimal caring.
  • Dropping eye lids, and returning the light.
  • Medicine created in the Ku (Lower Dantian) palace.
  • Regulating breathing and an invisible shower of caring.
  • Light gathering into the Su bead.
  1. Returning, watching and brightening the interior, moving and dissolving the five elements.
  • Shin leading the Su bead.
  • Moving and dissolving five elements.
  • Shin and Ling combined as one.
  • Warming and caring for the dragon bead.

402. Refining the Kum Dan

Refining the internal medicine, the golden pill requires using the body as an oven and pot, the Upper, Middle and Lower Dantian act as cooking pots while the Lower Dantian located below the navel is the lower furnace.

There are eight steps to awaken the Kum Dan.

  1. Reversing the fire and align the inner cavity.
  2. The Li of strength opens Heaven’s eye and ignites the fire of wisdom.
  3. The Shin and Yi align and warm up the inner three pots.
  4. Using the Shin Gwang to shine and clear up the body’s inner pot.
  5. Collecting the ingredients and refining the Kum Dan.
  6. Stroke up the Jing, Qi and Shin true fires to refine the Kum Dan.
  7. Sean the furnace and enjoy the invisible shower.
  8. Release the fire.


Lower Dantian:

On hand is on the top of the other hand, above the lower Dantian, moving, squeezing, and a pulling out the inhalation and pushing back the exhalation motion. The concentrated mind are in the Lower Dantian.


Urinary Bladder:

Exhale; the palms are angled down moving to above the Urinary bladder. Relax and while inhaling and exhaling. The concentrated mind are in the Bladder and the hands are moving, squeezing, and pulling out the inhalation and pushing back the exhalation motion above the Bladder.



Inhale and angle the palms up to above the Liver, relax, and while inhaling and exhaling. The concentrated mind and the hands are moving, squeezing, and pulling out the inhalation and pushing back the exhalation motion above the Liver



Inhale and the palms angle up moving above the Heart. The concentrated mind and hands are moving, squeezing, and pulling out the inhalation and in a pushing back the exhalation motion.


Spleen and Stomach:

Exhale and the palms angle down to above the Stomach. The concentrated mind and the hands are moving, squeezing, and pulling out the inhalation and pushing back the exhalation motion.



Inhale; the palms angle up and part above the Lungs. The concentrated mind and hands are moving, squeezing, and pulling out the inhalation and pushing back the exhalation motion. Repeat several times.



Exhale and the palms angle down to above the Kidneys, a hand on each Kidney. The concentrated mind and the hands are moving, squeezing, and pulling out the inhalation and pushing back the exhalation motion.


Urinary Bladder:

Exhale and the palms angle down, one hand on top of the other, above the Urinary Bladder. The concentrated mind in the Urinary Bladder and the hands are moving, squeezing, and pulling out the inhalation and pushing back the exhalation motion.


Standing training quiets the mind and body with internal movements. Internal movements lead external body movements; flowing in a circle the external movement turns back into internal movement, and each circle will lead to higher level.

  1. No limitations. (무극장:無極樁)
  2. (일장:日樁)
  3. (월장:月樁)
  4. (춘장:春樁)
  5. (하장:夏樁)
  6. (추장:秋樁)
  7. (동장:冬樁)
  8. Seven Stars. (칠성장:七星樁)
  9. Nine palaces. (구궁장:九宮樁)

601. YEO DHAN GONG (여단공:女丹功)

  1. Golden Mother Watching the Heart. (금모관심:金母觀心)
  2. Practicing to regulate menstruation. (수경기용:修經起用)
  3. Stopping dragon secret technique. (단룡밀법:斷龍密法, 斬赤龍)
  4. Reversing menstruation technique. (경절인환법:經絶引還法)
  5. Practicing to reverse breast development. (연유환동:煉乳還童, 煉形)
  6. Setting up Jung creating immortal fetus of section (안정결태:安鼎結胎)
  7. Su Nu of virgin practicing and regulating menstruation. (액환태성:液還胎成)
  8. Movement of fetal breathing. (묵운태식:默運胎息)
  9. Practicing Yang Shin. (연화양신:煉化陽神)
  10. Yang Shin moving into brightness and fullness. (양신광원:陽神光圓)

701. JA YEON HWAN KI BUB (자연환기법:自然換氣法)

Ja Yeon Hwan Ki Bub is the walking practice, exchanging Qi with Nature, and can be practiced when you are walking.

  1. Three steps walking. (평보삼보공:平步三步功)
  2. Six steps walking. (평보육보공:平步六步功)
  3. Hold your breath for three steps. (단폐기삼보공:單閉氣三步功)
  4. Hold your breath for six steps. (단폐기육보공:單氣六步功)
  5. Three steps walking and Hold your breath for three steps (쌍폐기삼보공:雙閉氣三步功)
  6. Six steps walking and holding your breath for six steps (쌍폐기육보공:雙閉氣六步功)

702. PYUNG HYUNG GONG (평형공:平衡功)

Pyung Hyung Gong is a balance practice, exchanging Qi with trees.

  1. Standing still with body movements (평형공 고정보법:平衡功 固定步法)
  2. Both hands up and down(쌍수 상하납동:雙手 上下拉動)
  3. Ten fingers vertical crossing (십지종향절할:十指 縱向切割)
  4. Ten fingers laterally crossing the tree (십지횡향절할:十指 橫向切割)
  5. Both hands pushing (쌍추장:雙推掌)
  6. Sword finger moves vertically (검지 종향절할:劍指 縱向切割)
  7. Sword finger moves laterally (검지 횡향절할: 劍指 橫向切割)
  8. Sword finger penetrates through the tree (검지거수: 劍指去樹)
  9. Single chop hand (단벽장:單劈掌)
  10. Movements of feet, body and arms training (평형공 활동보법: 平衡功 活動步法)
  11. Both hands push (쌍추맥:雙推脈)
  12. Double push channels (쌍추장:雙推掌)

703. SU GONG (수공:睡功)

Su Gong of sleep meditation is the practice of relaxing the physical body and brain of Shin and enables the practitioner is not asleep while meditation but is somewhere in between walking and sleeping to heal and train the Qi and Shin.

  1. Calming the Shin form. (안신식:安神式)
  2. Descending blood flow form. (강혈식:降血式)
  3. Strengthen the Jing and enriching the blood form. (보정부혈식:保精扶血式)
  4. Reversing the Yang, strengthen Qi and Yang power form. (회양장력식:回陽壯力式)
  5. Strengthen weakness and returning the Yang position form. (보허환양식:補虛還陽式)
  6. Regulating the Qi form. (조기부심식:調氣扶心式)
  7. Strengthen the Liver and brightness Gall Bladder form. (보간명담식:補肝明膽式)
  8. Balance and harmony Spleen and Stomach form. (부비건위식:扶脾健胃式)
  9. Joyfulness form. (안락식:安樂式)


Opening the lower body YangKyo-Maek, YumKyo-Maek, YangYu-Maek, YumYu-Maek, Dai-Maek, Chung-Maek, Im-Maek, Dok-Maek channels.

  1. Healing the self by opening up and harmonizing with the universe.
  2. The feeling self-surrenders to the whole universe, gaining an understanding of life and death.
  3. Protecting you and healing someone else.

901. CHUN KANG BO(천강보:天罡步)

A. CHEON KANG PAL GAE BO(천강팔괘보:天罡八掛步)

Perform this practice whenever you need to exchange Shin of information and the soul between nature and humanity.

B. CHEON KANG CHIL SUNG BO(천강칠성보: 天罡七星步)

A practitioner steps into the Star-network to exchange the Xin of information and soul and for healing the body and understanding the relationship between mankind and the universe.

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