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We will be welcoming our students back on a Tuesday, the 16th of June. It is recommended to continue physical distancing so we have made sections spaced out for our present students. Before entering, we will be doing temperature checks and students are required to wear masks & TKD(Taichi) shoes(or Indoor Shoes). We will be having 50-minute classes, 10 minutes dedicated to sanitizing touched areas.
We have hand sanitizer available for use. Up until the end of June, we will only be opening our dojo on Tuesdays. Online classes will continue every class including Tuesdays. By July, we will be deciding if we can continue physical classes in the dojo. We are doing our best to make our dojo as safe as possible. If students continue to take part to our classes, we can keep our dojo so we thank all the students taking our online classes and for the support.



Tai Chi  & Qigong


10:00am~11:00am Qigong online class Only

6:30pm ~ 7:20pm Tai Chi physical classes/online class both

7:30pm ~ 8:20pm Qigong physical classes/online class both


6:30pm ~ 7:30pm Tai Chi online class only

7:30pm ~ 8:30pm Qigong online class only


8:00am ~ 9:00am Qigong online class only

9:30am ~ 10:30pm Tai Chi online class only



Tuesday               5:30pm ~ 6:20pm TKD physical classes/online class both

Thursday kid       4:50pm ~ 5:30pm TKD online class only

Saturday              10:40am~11:20am TKD online class only

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10:00-11:00amQi Gong/Tai Chi BeginnerQi Gong/Tai Chi Beginner8:00am-9:00am
Qi Gong
at Junipero Park
Tai Chi
3:30-4:30pmPrivate LessonPrivate Lesson1:30 Private Lesson
6:30-7:30pmSelf DefenseTai ChiSelf DefenseTai ChiPrivate Lesson2:30 Private Lesson
7:30-8:30pmQi GongQi GongQi GongQi GongPrivate Lesson
*Not open yet*Not open yet

Masks are not advised for continued physical workout and are not required when keeping a distance of 6 feet away or more.  Wearing a mask reduces blood oxygenation and increases blood carbon dioxide levels while exercising. It is not advised to wear a mask while practicing Martial Arts or engaged in physical fitness activity.  However, we would respectfully request all students and their family members to please wear a mask when entering or exiting the dojo or any family members in the dojo or lobby area in consideration of others. Additionally, Master Han / Staffs will NOT be physically encroaching upon their designated workout space. Please wear a mask only when practicing target kicking. At all times, the students will have their separate and distinct space.


Hand sanitizer: We will have each student use hand sanitizer upon entering and exiting the dojo as a health and safety measure. This will be a permanent institution and protocol to our dojo etiquette. If you / your child are allergic to the anti-bacterial gel or have skin sensitivity, please use our antibacterial soap in the bathrooms.


  1. We’ll check the temperature for every one entering. Please come 10 minutes ago.
  2. You should wear a mask and change your shoes to TKD shoes or Tai chi shoes.
  3. You can exercise in your space designated as 6 ‘and you can wear a mask under your chin.
  4. Please wipe your own space and the punch bag that you touched.
  5. Please bring own your weapons.