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What is Qi Gong?  What is Tai Chi?

Qi Gong is the term for a practice aiming at maximizing the flow of energy in a natural, efficient way. It is a great solution in removing physical and mental blockages and/or unhealthy energies which you have become trapped inside you. The beauty of Qi Gong is that it re-connects you (aka ‘a small universe’) to nature (aka ‘the large universe’).  Our bodies work best when operating in tandem with nature and it’s natural properties.

Tai Chi, a marriage of Qi Gong and martial art, strengthens your body, adding flexibility and energy. The discipline also exercises your mind. Performing Tai Chi, synchronizing your movements with other people will also give you a strong sense of belonging.  Master Han teaches in authentic Chen Family-style Tai Chi.


Philosophy, Method, Benefits

Some of ancient Tao/Dao philosophy 道 that was chosen and integrated into the Golden Rishi program leans on living life in harmony with the principles of the universe, and involve disciplining your mind and body as one unit. Subtle energy (‘Qi’) plays an important role in this connection of mind and body. Ancient healing methods have shown that it is possible to move energy through the body; this is part of understanding the human as a small scale universe. According to this precept, as you work to restore the balance of your mind and body, you present the opportunity to heal and rejuvenate yourself, as well as enjoy a lifespan with greater health.

The Golden Rishi Qi Gong & Tai Chi program relies on natural methods based on the Yin Yang Five Element philosophy. The training under Master Han is not supposed to replace the role of your medical doctor, it is intended to complement and enhance your overall health choices.  Diligent practice reaps improved health and general overall well being. Your overall physical and mental health will only get better with time and practice.  The program benefits include, but are not limited to: generating more energy, gaining better flexibility and balance, rejuvenating internal organs, revitalizing the immune system, increased ability to manage daily stress and concentration.

Qi Gong and Tai Chi are well-known in Western and Eastern medicine for being helpful with the following issues: Bone density, Constipation, Strokes, Neuralgia, Arthritis, Back pain, Age-related Joint Stiffness, Neurosis, Headache, Tinnitus, Liver, Heart, Kidney, Gastric & Stomach problems, Pulmonary issues, Various female disorders.

Trial Qi Gong or Tai Chi Lesson


-EVERY WED 7:30 – 8:30PM


-EVERY WED 6:30 – 7:30PM