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Lisa Colette Martin, Artist and Interior Designer


“ In October 2018, Master Choi made a visit to San Diego. During this time, I had opportunity to practice the meditation discipline several times.  Now, I awake each day completely ‘wowed‘ that I don’t have pain.  The difference is so noticeable that I’m noticing being OUT of pain several times daily.  And it’s exhilarating! I can say this experience has shown me great things. Especially that God really does work in mysterious ways, through many different means and He owns everything.  Now, seeing how many dots got connected to bring me to a healing setting halfway across the world only strengthens my testimony and belief in God’s power coupled with a new understanding of the capabilities our human bodies possess.  What a unique and unexpected venue God used to bring me healing, prove His power and reinforce my awe in Him!  As a Christian, God showed me He works in all settings and there are no limits to His authority and power.  God used a venue that some would consider to be more eastern philosophy than anything else despite Choi’s aim for the spiritual, without religious confines.  A cause for some to close the door on the topic before exploring the possibilities.  I am proof that God bridges gaps between people and beliefs.  How can it be that God chose me for miraculous healing?!  I have to tell everyone.”

Kavi Bowerman

“I’m writing to let you know of the benefits I received from Master Han’s treatment. My shoulder and ribs have been in less pain since treatment last week, although I’m still in a lot of discomfort overall. Any relief at all is wonderful to me, as I have been in chronic pain for six years with little help from most treatments. Per Master Han’s advice, I will be using acupuncture and natural techniques instead of chiropractors in the future.  Also as you suggested, I found out that Kaiser does covers acupuncture. Thanks again for everything. Master Han was very compassionate and knowledgeable. I really loved the healing meditation process and I am trying to do more of it as it is helpful for the mind and soul (which helps me deal with the pain). I have had a lot of experience with great meditation teachers, so it means a lot when I say it is one of the best-guided meditations I’ve ever experienced. Hope you are well. Thanks. “

Heesoo Kim, Ph.D. in Linguistics

“I have been learning Qi Gong and Tai Chi from Master Han. Until you get a hair cut, you don’t really feel how much your hairs weigh. When you enter a warm room and relax on a winter day, you finally realize how tiring to shiver with cold outside was. Just like these, practicing Tai Chi and Qi Gong with Master Han, I am learning how to relax, realizing how much tension I have been carrying in my body all my life. My hands were cold throughout the year, but now, in 5 min after I start Dantian breathing, my hands start warming up. They stay warm throughout the night if I do Dantian breathing right before going to bed. During the day, my hands still tend to be rather cold, which is why I need to keep practicing relaxation through Dantian breathing. Qi Gong focuses on restoring your intrinsic balance and circulation with your body and mind relaxed, while Tai Chi teaches you how to relax under physical challenges. This is why Qi Gong is best for healing and Tai Chi is great for making you stronger if you are already relatively healthy. If you do both Qi Gong and Tai Chi hand in hand, it is ideal of course. You just have no idea what a huge blessing it truly is to be able to learn from Master Han, a man of the highest integrity I’ve ever seen. Training with him can be literally life-changing!”