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Golden Rishi Qi-Gong and Meditation

Introducing Master Sang Pok Han, Pres USA Division, Golden Rishi Qigong and Meditation (aka World Golden Rishi Academy)
Master Sang Pok Han is the first Korean-American disciple of Chinese Master Chen Xiao Xing, who is the Executive Principal of Chenjiagou Taijiquan School in China. This school and method are the origins of Chen FamilyTaijiquan instruction. Master Han is the Founder and Principal of Han’s Dragon Martial Arts Academy USA in Chicago, later moving his practice to San Diego, where he
continues to teach classical Chen Family-style Taijiquan in the same manner as taught by Master Chen Xiao Xing of Chenjiagou, China. He has over twenty years of teaching experience in Tai Chi and Taekwondo disciplines.

Master Han met Master Choi after becoming very ill with heart problems and experienced healing through Master Choi’s meditation and Qigong methods. Master Han became a disciple of Master Choi (World Golden Rishi Academy and Golden Rishi Meditation) in 1999. In 2008, Han invited Master Choi to Chicago, which was Choi’s first visit to the United States. Han, as a disciple of Chen Xiao Xing (China) and Byung Ju Choi (Korea), continues to use expert methods of Golden Rishi Meditation and Qi Gong in private training and healing offered in San Diego locations.


Golden Rishi Qigong and Meditation Mission is to teach methods of life-long health to those who are interested and willing to practice a healthy lifestyle and routine meditation. Additionally, it should be a system of sharing discoveries and knowledge with others.
Golden Rishi Qigong and Meditation: Definition, Purpose and Effect Golden Rishi Meditation is a training method focusing on internal energy, concentration, and correctly supplying the body’s physical needs. This discipline fosters unity of spirit, mind, emotion and body as one operation. This training method becomes a vital component of health that fundamentally solves the cause of the disease according to the precept of the human as its own small, ordered universe. The purpose of healing with Golden Rishi Qigong and Meditation is to
release and purge strong toxic-energy flows that are literally trapped in the body’s tissues. When we hold back our emotional feelings, we block our natural Qi (energy) flow, which creates stagnant pools of toxic energy within our body.

Golden Rishi Qigong and Meditation exercises and techniques are prescribed like medicine, with the type and dosage tailored to the patient’s specific needs. Specific concentration is directed to breathing, hearing, visualization, concentration, muscle relaxation, light massage, and movement to develop and control the body’s intrinsic energy. A Golden Rishi Qigong and Meditation premise is
that the human is intricately designed similar to the universal design found in nature, and further, that humans are intended to work in symphony with nature.

The effectiveness of
Golden Rishi Qigong and Meditation therapy is in its ability to strengthen and reinforce the body’s immune system and essential Qi, regulate the body’s yin and yang energy for balance of all bodily systems, adjust activities of internal organs and tissue, clear the body’s channels, strengthen meridians, and activate the body’s Qi and blood flow.

Golden Rishi Qigong and Meditation training method stem from nature, and it is a natural method for promoting health by eliminating the sources of disease based on the Five Elements of the physical universe and through inhalation of nature’s good and pure energy. Therefore, it is not harmful to the body and is long-lasting rather than the temporary effects offered with general Qigong Therapy (breathing exercises). The training of The Five Elements Principle generates energy within the body to fundamentally rejuvenate and strengthen it as well the body’s immune system.

Symptoms Treatment and Prevention
Tao Yin (Mind-Body Breathing) Exercise, Five Elements Qigong, and Xiao Zhou Tian (Small Heavenly Circulation) open up the 365 energy vessels to improve circulation of the blood and stabilize the blood
pressure. They also remove body fat and impurities from the body to slim the body. These exercises are training methods that allow a beautiful and healthy life.
Back pain,
Joint Stiffness
Tao Yin (Mind-Body Breathing) Exercise, and Gulshin (Bending and stretching) exercises correct the balance between the lower back,vertebrae, lumbar, and pelvis. The accompanying effect of the Five Elements Qigong relieves pain and they are also an excellent post
partum exercises.
Headache, and
Characterized by heaviness and aching of the head, frequent absent mindedness, insomnia, and neurosis are symptoms of hot energy having reached the head. The Five Elements Qigong and Shui Sheng Huo Jiang (water up, fire down) training push down the energy and
alleviate the symptoms.
Various Female
When Yang Qi (positive energy) is collected through Yeon Shin Seob Gi (strengthening and rejuvenating the three areas of the body), the cold energy is naturally removed from the body to warm the lower abdomen and to cool the head to maintain a healthy body and solved
various women’s diseases.
Liver Diseases Liver Qigong, Five Elements Qigong, Pyeong Hyeong Gong (Breathing the true energies of the five elements of earth, body, and space), and Sugong (absorbing the energies of heaven and earth)protect the liver from diseases and to effectively heal and revive the
Heart Diseases Heart Qigong, Five Elements Qigong and Pyeong Hyeong Gong and Sugong promotes blood flow and restores heart condition.
Gastric &
Five Elements Qigong and Pyeong Hyeong Gong and Sugong open meridians to the stomach for flow of positive energy to improve stomach function.
Pulmonary Qigong, Five Elements Qigong and Pyeong Hyeong Gong and Sugong protect the lungs and helps other conditions such as chest pains and bronchitis.
Renal Diseases Through Renal Qigong, Five Elements Qigong, Pyeong Hyeong Gong, and Sugong (Sky and ground energy techniques of Relaxation), the original state of the kidneys is recovered.

Steps of Training

Training with Golden Rishi Meditation focuses on Qigong (Breathing Exercises) and is divided into
five steps. The San Diego and Sedona seminar training includes

Steps 1-3 for general health:

1. Training the body to absorb the energies of nature.

2. Building the energy of fire.

of energy to achieve completeness.
Completing Steps

4 & 5 is determined based on the trainee’s temperament, zeal, experience, and other personal factors such as work, family, and the surrounding environment. Steps 4 & 5 are an extreme advanced level, offered only to instructors with approval.

Golden Rishi Meditation Training of and for Respiratory System Outline

1. Meditation
Upper Dantian Breathing
Middle Dantian Breathing
Lower Dantian Breathing
Meditation Breathing Training
2. Qi Gong
Circulation Qi Gong
Vital Organ Qi Gong
Inner Energy –
moving as the universe operates
3. Stretching & Relaxation
Yin Yang Stretching
Natural Breathing
Self-Healing Technique


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