Introducing Master Sang Pok Han

Master Han Sang Bok is the president of the International Golden Rishi Qigong & Tai Chi (also known as the World Golden Rishi Academy, USA), an affiliate of the International Golden Rishi Academy. He was born in 1969 and started learning Taekwondo in 1974. Growing older, he only got more and more interested in all kinds of body-mind disciplines and kept learning passionately at all costs. In 1990’s, he founded and ran Han’s Dragon Martial Arts Academy in Chicago and later moved to San Diego, where he continues to teach.

There are numerous experts in martial art, but a lot of them focus only on the physical performance or making their students win prizes and medals in competitions. However, Master Han’s goal is to teach people such that the training becomes your lifelong best friend, that keeps you physically and mentally healthy and also gives you a sense of achievement. He understands that, once you injure a part of your body, even if it ‘heals’, it won’t probably be 100% same as it was before the injury. Thus, he always respects his students limits and personalities and know exactly how far he should push to challenge the student without harming or hurting body or feelings. He also teaches you how to use your mind because, as science proves, your body responds to your mind, bringing a difference to your physical reality as well as athletic performance.

Martial Arts

Master Han's Teacher

Master Han’s entire life has been a whole-hearted dedication to learning any accessible form of body-mind discipline. Among all the great teachers he has met on his journey, two people have equally been the biggest influence on his life.The first is the Grand Master Chen Xiao Xing, who is a 19th generation lineage holder and the Executive Principal of Chenjiagou Taijiquan School of China. Master Han is the first Korean among his disciples, and Master Han keeps teaching Tai Chi the same way he learned from Master Chen.

The second is the Grand Master Choi Byung Ju, who founded the International Golden Rishi Academy in Korea in 1991. The International Golden Rishi Academy has four schools in South Korea, China and Mexico, carrying out researches, conferences and trainings at domestic and international levels. Master Choi studied various modes of healing and meditation in China, India, Tibet and Mongolia, but his goal is to inherit, expand on and share the Korean tradition of Qigong, which has a history of thousands years with its philosophical roots in Confucianism and Buddhism as well as Taoism. He is concerned only about how humans can benefit from nature for the health and well-being of body and mind, while absorbing the wisdom of ancient philosophies and practices but not bound by any particular tradition or school. Although Master Choi has built a large following around the world, bringing aid to many who are suffering physically or mentally, developing a religion or worship of any kind is not his interest at all. He only intends Golden Rishi practice to be a path of self-healing and self-discovery, i.e., finding and realizing your potential as a small scale universe.Master Choi has given a workshop in San Diego in October 2018, and the International Golden Rishi Qigong & Tai Chi hopes to keep hosting such events every once in a while.

Introducing Instructor Andrew Brown

Andrew Brown found Tai Chi over 15 years ago and immediately committed himself to daily practice. He began Karate during college and later learned the exquisite style of Kyokushin.

“When one teaches, two learn.” 10 years of teaching, investing time, sweat, lots of sweat, and blood into martial arts has given him a comprehensive understanding of solo practice, partner exercises and combative experience.

You can attend Andrew’s classes at International Golden Rishi Qigong and Tai Chi school off of the 163 and Balboa Ave, 4683 Mercury St Suite H, San Diego, CA 92111.


Every Monday and Wednesday, 6:30pm, Fundamental Tai Chi

Every Monday and Wednesday, 7:30pm, Martial Arts and Self Defense


Andrew Brown

Tai Chi, Martial Arts and Self Defense Instructor
Once Tai Chi starts, it never ends.
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